Tips & advice

Mission possible

Follow our useful guide to help you to find the perfect piece of lingerie for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

The Plan


Gather necessary information in order to navigate website or enter store, select gift and complete mission in record time.

Step 1

At home: Check surrounding area is clear and locate underwear drawer. Look for bra size which is a number and a letter, e.g. 34C. Remember to also check size of briefs; these usually follow dress sizes, e.g. 8, 10, 12 etc.

Step 2

At home: Consider what she normally wears - best not to go for a completely different style. Instead, push the boat out - perhaps a designer label or luxury line. Familiarise yourself with the brands she buys.

Step 3

At home: Again check coast is clear. Look in wardrobe for recurring colour theme. Lots of light-coloured clothes? Go for white and ivory. Black is good under darker clothing. Pretty and fashionable brights are great alternatives. Red’s a popular choice, but be careful - it’s also the most returned!

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Plan B

If lingerie mission looks doubtful, activate plan B - nightwear. A chemise is gorgeous, feminine and a lot easier to choose the right size (look inside her wardrobe to confirm dress size), and satin pyjamas look pretty too.